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Call for 2D animators!

We are looking for frame-by-frame 2D animators and 2D VFX artists with a passion for storytelling and social justice to join us to create a short film about women’s rights.


About us

ANIMAFILM Studio is an independent animation company based in Azerbaijan and Czech Republic. We are an international team with an ambition to make high quality animated films for children and adults. Our films have powerful messages about such topics as environmental issues, gender equality and inclusion.


About You

  • You animate in TVPaint.

  • You’re experienced frame-by-frame 2D animator / 2D VFX artist.

  • You're creative, collaborative, and eager to take initiative.

  • You seek to use your art to promote social justice and gender equality.

  • You're a reliable and strong communicator with the ability to work in an online work regime.



To apply, please send us your portfolio to with the subject line “Animator – Your Full Name.”

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